Master of English Education
Proposal Seminar

Proposal Seminar

For students who will register for seminars or exams, the following steps must be followed:

Step 1

  1. Apply for seminars or exams,
  2. Submit a consultation book and seminar card,
  3. Submit a proposal that has been approved by the Supervisor for academic affairs (5 copies),
  4. Submit the original source of the quotation which consists of the front page of the source and part of the quotation page (tied neatly and marked or indicated),
  5. Have attended seminar proposals at least 5 times, as evidenced by showing a seminar card.
  6. Points 1-5 are submitted to the academic section 1 week before the proposal seminar schedule, and
  7. Fill in your Elista account.

Step 2

  1. Complete the seminar or exam requirements,
  2. Reporting to Study Program to make a schedule and determine the examiner Lecturer,
  3. Download invitations and minutes of seminars or exams on the Study Program website,
  4. Submit the thesis draft to the examiners,
  5. Coordination of equipment and rooms, and
  6. Evaluation of points 1-5 there is nothing wrong or missed.

Step 3

  1. Focus and calm,
  2. Confident and confident,
  3. Realizing the time given is an “opportunity” not a “burden”,
  4. Ready to accept input, and
  5. Knowing what we don’t know.

Don’t forget to fill in the Elista at

Good luck…….