Master of English Education


At events throughout the year, the Master of English Education Program connects students, academics, professionals and the public in a program of knowledge sharing. The Program welcomes you to attend upcoming events:



International Conference on Language Teaching and Education (ICoLTE) [AiKolTee] aims at providing a platform for academics, teacher educators, graduate students, policy makers and practitioners from around the world to share their best practices, expertise and research in the field of language teaching and education, with the 2017 theme “the 21st Century Education. What works?


  1. Language Teaching and Practice
  2. Research and Development in Education
  3. The use of e-Learning in Education
  4. Instructional Technology in Education
  5. Sustainability in Education
  6. Action Research in Education
  7. Educational Policy

Languages: English, Arabic, Indonesia, Mandarin

Venue: Putro Retno Building and Heritage Campus of UNJA PASAR

Time: June 2017